March, 2010

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Insphyre is looking spinning enthusiasts for guest writers and bloggers on the performance blog. Anyone who writes on the blog gets a profile space in our about page and links to their promotional site. All serious inquiries please contact: No prior writing is necessary, but you must be a spinning or prop manipulation enthusiast […]

By Exuro On 26 Mar, 2010 At 04:48 PM | Categorized As insphyration, Poi | With

Rastaxel has come out of his 5 month absence from the video world with a true Ten minute masterpiece of modern tech and flow. Ten minutes may seem long at first, but there are so many things you’ll want to stop and watch again that you might spend thirty minutes watching it. Too often a […]

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Check out this short Teaser for Plaid, the new film from Wes Peden. Wes is one of the most prominent Jugglers in the world, and is a guest blogger on Ministry of Manipulation. From YouTube “Plaid is a collection of juggling inventions and compositions made from the love of weird catches and style conscious throws. […]

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This video is mostly of Keith and contains TONS of new tech goodies for the poi world. I’m really digging his subtle tosses and transitions in this one

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Nicolas Longuechaud does some amazing clean hoop and staff Isolations!

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Tons of juicy stuff in another tech blog from Asaf, not a whole lot of new material but these aren’t exactly your everyday tricks. Give it a look

By Ase Anthony On 16 Mar, 2010 At 11:14 AM | Categorized As Community, Object Of Manipulation | With

Highlights from an amazing fun poi retreat in Bali. I want to be at the next one! Just look how fun this last one was:

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WOW! I’d have to say that this is one of the coolest and most flow style of contact staff I’ve ever seen. This is a promo for his Anti-Spinners classes. If I saw this and was local i’d take the class!

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FireDrums Has Announced Tickets will be going on sale March 15! that is 4 days away! The Date of the most influential spinning event of the year is from May 6th- May10th! Get your tickets and we’ll see you out there!! I can’t wait! Here’s some video from last year to tide you over!

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Tori Johnson has been on the up and coming fast track lately in the Twin Cities area. Her tech poi style continues to expand and blow the minds of seasoned spinners, no small feat for someone who’s only been playing with fire for a year. Her newest video showcases a set of fresh Moon Blaze […]