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By Ase Anthony On 26 Oct, 2014 At 08:53 PM | Categorized As Contact Juggling, insphyration, Staff | With

World renowned flow artist Aileen Lawlor lets loose in the flowspace at with her composite contact staff.

By Ase Anthony On 16 Aug, 2012 At 11:28 AM | Categorized As Clubs, Contact Juggling, Fire Breathing, Hoop, Juggling, snakes, Wands/Torches | With

Mark Conigliaro calls it quits after publishing 42 Months of monthly videos. Meaning that it’s his final monthly video annnnnnd drum roll hes stopping doing it cause he isn’t getting “enough hits” on youtube. I feel like if you keep at it, anything can happen. If that is his main goal or your main you […]

By Marvin Ong On 27 Jul, 2012 At 07:37 AM | Categorized As Contact Juggling | With

Ryan Mellors of Ministry of Manipulation showing us how its done

By Ase Anthony On 14 Apr, 2012 At 12:15 PM | Categorized As Contact Juggling, insphyration | With

This is a short video featuring Mermaid Meshpa of and Contact Juggling by the Amazing Kenny @ This was the winning submittion to a contact juggling competition hosted by “Mister Crispy.”  

By Marvin Ong On 31 Dec, 2011 At 06:57 PM | Categorized As Contact Juggling, Poi | With

Kim from Japan, this is how the Japanese do it in the land of the rising sun.  

By Marvin Ong On 5 Dec, 2011 At 10:49 AM | Categorized As Contact Juggling | With

Definitely with boba.

By Marvin Ong On 18 Nov, 2011 At 11:35 AM | Categorized As Contact Juggling | With

Amazing talent, such inspiration, such symmetry, such style. Piryokopi.   Piryokopi is a collaborative graphic manipulation project with Pilolip (Fr), Ryan Mellors (Ca), OkotanpĆ© (Jp) and Pich (Fr). First routine of balls manipulation shooted in August 2011 in “La Maison des Jonglages” in La Courneuve – France. Video directed and edited by Eloi Prieur More […]

By Ase Anthony On 21 Oct, 2011 At 04:51 PM | Categorized As Community, Contact Juggling | With

About object manipulation and how contact juggling has grown, adapted, and changed.   “About Manipulation” is a project wanted by Ministry of Manipulation. We’ve thought there was a lot of videos with people playing, and so few videos with people talking about their experiences and ideas in contact juggling. We would like to show you […]

By Marvin Ong On 14 Oct, 2011 At 10:48 AM | Categorized As Body Movement, Contact Juggling, Events, Poi | With

One of my top 2011 videos.

By Ase Anthony On 7 Oct, 2011 At 01:53 PM | Categorized As Contact Juggling, Hoop, insphyration, Staff (Doubles) | With

This is what I call amazing, flawless, object manipulation at it’s best.