Mark Conigliaro Calls It Quits

Mark Conigliaro calls it quits after publishing 42 Months of monthly videos. Meaning that it’s his final monthly video annnnnnd drum roll hes stopping doing it cause he isn’t getting “enough hits” on youtube. I feel like if you keep at it, anything can happen. If that is his main goal or your main you need to do more then just publish videos on youtube. You have to be a social ninja. Post that shit everywhere, share it with all your friends, and then repeat…. most importantly DO NOT GIVE UP! If it inspires one person it was entirely worth it! In case you want a background of what Mark feels about this read on below…

Mark Conigliaro says this on his comments for this video “Yes, this is it. I am stopping for a number of reasons. Mainly, I graduated from college recently, so I have no where to film inside (and I HATE, really, really HATE wind). I could find a place, but that comes to another problem is that I don’t have fun shooting, like at all, especially if it’s outside. All those times you probably seen me look mad, there is a 90% chance that I am fuming on the inside (and occasionally the outside). Lastly, when all the rage and effort gets thrown together into a monthly video, no one watches it. My videos are struggling to get to 100 views now, which used to come overnight. So I made the choice that it’s not worth it anymore, and thus I made this video.

My 2 year video, everything i do with everything i have, is one of my favorite videos I have made, so I decided for the big finish, make a sequel with an updated collection. This was just 1 trick (or sequence of tricks) for everything I own, and it’s 13 minutes long…I do a lot of stuff.

I will not be leaving youtube though, I will still put out a yearly video (February is 4 years), tutorials upon request, and maybe short videos of single tricks I am excited to share.

But thank you everyone who has watched my videos, and I’m sorry for those who still watch them. You all kept me going, but now it is time to slow down, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.”

Piryokopi The Fantastic Four

Amazing talent, such inspiration, such symmetry, such style. Piryokopi.


Piryokopi is a collaborative graphic manipulation project with Pilolip (Fr), Ryan Mellors (Ca), Okotanpé (Jp) and Pich (Fr).
First routine of balls manipulation shooted in August 2011 in “La Maison des Jonglages” in La Courneuve – France.
Video directed and edited by Eloi Prieur
More informations on
Music : Aphex Twin Acoustica : Alarm will sound. Cliffs Remix

Object Manipulation: behind the sphere

About object manipulation and how contact juggling has grown, adapted, and changed.


“About Manipulation” is a project wanted by Ministry of Manipulation. We’ve thought there was a lot of videos with people playing, and so few videos with people talking about their experiences and ideas in contact juggling. We would like to show you what’s behind a contact juggler, and what he lives with this amazing art. Hope you’ll like it.”

Water Experiment

Well this is my first post on insphyre, a video that came to mind quickly that I want to share with everyone, is Cyrille Humen’s new contact juggling video. Cyrille Humen, that name needs no introduction to the object manipulation world. Enjoy MUSIC: Ratatat – “Imperials” & Felix Laband: “Down the stairs” FILMED in August on the Rhônes,Geneva.

  • Intro to Spinning Intro to Spinning Learn about intro classes that you can get your foot in the door with spinning.
  • Beginner Lessons Beginner Lessons Beginning spinning classes with any prop
  • Intermediate Lessons Intermediate Lessons Once you have learned the basics and want to level up your spinning, learning more concepts and tricks is the next step.
  • Advanced Classes Advanced Classes Becoming an advanced spinner is only a spin away! Go above and beyond to the great unknown with Advanced Classes.
  • Specialty Classes Specialty Classes We also create and teach specialty classes like, safety training, virgin burns, how to make props, and more.

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