Plaid. Wes Peden's New Film

Check out this short Teaser for Plaid, the new film from Wes Peden.
Wes is one of the most prominent Jugglers in the world, and is a guest blogger on Ministry of Manipulation.

From YouTube
“Plaid is a collection of juggling inventions and compositions made from the love of weird catches and style conscious throws. The film covers many controversial topics such as flipping, up catching, under the leg and backcross desegregation in relation to five club juggling, and what exactly the edition of purple handles has on modern 3 club juggling.

Title: Plaid
Creator: Wes Peden
File size: 384 MB
Length: 30 minutes
Bonus: 18 minutes of B-side material!
Price: $12
You can check out the content and buy the video at “

3 Epic Balls!

This is an epic 3 minute video from Komei Aoki and Masaki Hirano of Japan having a blast with 3 balls a piece! The limitations of 3 ball style are still being pushed and these two are sitting at the forefront of the journey.

  • Intro to Spinning Intro to Spinning Learn about intro classes that you can get your foot in the door with spinning.
  • Beginner Lessons Beginner Lessons Beginning spinning classes with any prop
  • Intermediate Lessons Intermediate Lessons Once you have learned the basics and want to level up your spinning, learning more concepts and tricks is the next step.
  • Advanced Classes Advanced Classes Becoming an advanced spinner is only a spin away! Go above and beyond to the great unknown with Advanced Classes.
  • Specialty Classes Specialty Classes We also create and teach specialty classes like, safety training, virgin burns, how to make props, and more.

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